Sharing Her Story to Help Others

IF I FALL APART was mentioned in the January/February 2014 issue of Hawaiian Electric Company’s employee newsletter CURRENTS.


“Sharing Her Story to Help Others”

After beating breast cancer, Hawaiian Electric’s Karen Garcia continues her fight against the disease.

“The primary reason I decided to write a book was to share my story with the hope that it will help others dealing with cancer,” said Karen. “During my treatment and recovery process, I was surrounded by family and friends who went through the entire ordeal along with me. Their support helped me to maintain a good attitude, which my doctor said is essential to recovery. I wanted to find a way to give back somehow and to help others. Six years later, I realized that writing a memoir about my journey with cancer was the answer. It took that long before I could allow myself to relive the experience.”

Karen generously donates a portion of the proceeds from her book, If I Fall Apart: A Memoir of Breast Cancer and Bilateral Mastectomy, to cancer charities.

Mahalo, Karen, for your great work in the community and congratulations on the success of your book. Karen’s book is available at and at several local retailers. For more information, visit her blog at

Article in Shidler Business Magazine

A short article featuring the author of IF I FALL APART appeared in Shidler Business magazine’s Winter 2014 issue. The magazine features the accomplishments and milestones of the University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business’ alumni. Karen is a 2011 graduate of the school’s executive MBA program.